14 Essential Supplies To Stock for Your Valentine Card Making Party

Valentine Card Making Ideas for Your Galentines Party

Truth be told, my Valentine card making party will likely be for one this year. But if you have time, it is always tons of fun to have a group of ladies over and make your cards together. All you need to do is spread out an assortment of supplies, pour the pink cocktails (try this concoction from Amanda’s Cookin’), put out little bowls of nosh, and get ready for a fun evening. I have been shopping for supplies, and found a bunch of adorable and inexpensive materials on Amazon that you can use to get started. If you do invite the gals, however, you can make it a ‘potluck’ and have everyone bring over one item to share. Think stickers, paper cutouts, string, doilies, and hole punches. And if you really want to get fancy, whip up a few models in advance, to give everyone inspiration.

Links to my 14 favorites for February 14 are below.


Valentine Craft Party Supplies & Ideas for Card Making

1. Fill a bowl with an assortment of paper cutouts.

2. Wood heart embellishments can be glued to the front of cards.

3. Punches allow you create paper shapes with any paper in your scrap pile.

4. Use wax seals to both close envelopes and create an antique look on the card itself.

5. Colorful washi tape is an essential supply.

6. Don’t forget to pick up cardstock in an assortment of colors.

7. Heart buttons are fabulous card embellishments.

8. These antique-look bronze keys are perfect for telling someone they hold the key to your heart.

9. Gingham ribbon can be used to create fanciful Valentines.

10. Fill envelopes with confetti made with this heart hole punch.

11. Have an assortment of rubber stamps and ink on hand.

12. Mini clothespins can be used for cards such this one I made last year.

13. Heart doilies are a classic I always have around for diy Valentines.

14. Vintage Valentine stickers are easy to add to cards or gift tags.

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