Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial

Heart on a String Valentine Card

A couple weeks before each Valentine’s Day when I was growing up, my mother would lay out red and pink paper, markers, glue, scissors, and paper doilies. My siblings and I would spend the evening making Valentine cards for our grandparents and other relatives. I especially loved cutting the lacy doilies into hearts and gluing them to my handmade cards. Valentine cards are so easy to make by hand, and the ones you craft yourself are much more meaningful than those bought in stores. This idea can be created in just a few minutes. I am listing the materials I used, but you can substitute most of them to give it your own look.


Heart Punch
Paper Cutter
Vintage Scrapbook Cardstock
Red Cardstock
Blank Card (pre-made or score & fold a sheet of cardstock)
Mini Clothespins

STEP 1 Punch Hearts

You only need one small scrap of red cardstock, so if you have some left over from another project, that’s perfect. Use a heart-shaped punch to cut. I used this punch that I bought on Amazon.

Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial DIY

STEP 2. Cut Cardstock to Size

Measure your blank card, and then subtract a half inch from both dimensions. Use your paper cutter to cut a rectangle of your background cardstock. I used this one printed with vintage type.


STEP 3 Wrap Twine

Wrap the twine three times around the cardstock and then tie in the back.

Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial DIY

STEP 4 Glue

Glue the wrapped cardstock to the blank card.

Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial DIY

STEP 5 Clip the Heart

Use a mini clothespin to clip the heart to the strings. Write a note on the inside and give. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial DIY


2 thoughts on “Handmade Valentine Card Tutorial

  1. Such a nice and simple elegant card. You are so right about a handmade card versus a store bought card. You are clearly talented and generous for sharing your talent. Would you please send me the link for the “a little treat for someone sweet” tags. I signed up but did not receive the link. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Beverlee. The file most likely saved to the default folder your browser uses, but sometimes they are hard to find. I emailed it directly to you. I appreciate your kind comments!

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