10 Inexpensive Charcuterie Board Labels

Inexpensive Cheese Labels for Your Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days. I have always liked them, and they are the easiest, prettiest food to prepare for book clubs or showers. Since people of all ages love them, they are also fun addition to the buffet table for kid-friendly summer parties. The only ‘problem’ with an overfilled charcuterie board is that it can be difficult for guests to identify what all the items on it are. If you don’t want to keep telling guests which cheese is which, and you also don’t want to print diy paper cheese flags every time you have guests over, then investing in a set of inexpensive labels is a good idea. Here are some of my favorites.

Stamped Silver-plate Cheese Fork Markers // These creative cheese markers are made with upcycled vintage forks. The seller will customize the labels.

Green Ceramic Cheese Markers // These labels make me thing of a spring garden party. They come in sets of five and may be customized.

Clever Saying Metal Charcuterie Labels // These cute hammered aluminum labels will bring a smile to the face of your guests as they navigate the cheese board at your party.

Reusable Porcelain Easels // These reusable name cards can easily be purposed as food labels. To use you just write on them with a dry erase marker. Wipe clean with water when you are done, and they will be ready to use again.

Slate Chalkboard Labels // These slate markers come with soapstone chalk. They are easy to write on and erase for multiple uses.

Modern Wood Cheese Markers // These minimalist wood cheese labels are laser engraved and made to order. I love the modern typeface.

Animal Acrylic Charcuterie Picks // These adorable picks have the silhouette of the animal whose milk made the cheese. They are priced individually, and come in your color choice.

Ceramic Farmhouse Cheese Marker // The white speckled clay of these ceramic cheese markers make me think of eating freshly made cheese in a farmhouse in Normandy. They are made to order, and would make a great wedding gift.

Silver Charm Cheese Labels // These cheese labels are hand stamped to meet your tastes and will add a nice touch to your appetizer board.

Acrylic Cheese Labels // These acrylic cheese labels are made with the names of your choice. They are easy to read, so your guests can easily identify all of the items on your charcuterie board.

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