Sunday Dream Room: A Luxurious Boudoir

Old Hollywood Boudoir Shopping Idea Board

I’ve always loved the luxurious bedroom sets in old Hollywood movies. The woman in her floor-draped velvet robe, sitting at her vanity table, spraying on perfume and brushing her long wavy hair was the stuff of romance. I will never be that woman, and her regency style will never be mine. But, the look can still be done in a way that adds that hint of glamour to your life. Here are some shopping ideas for a ladies boudoir or bedroom. Enjoy.


Emerald Green ChaiseVelvet Emerald Chaise

art deco vanity 1930s Vanity

vanity stoolVanity Stool

Upholstered Bed
Upholstered Bed

Emerald Green ThrowThrow Blanket


Perfume BottlePerfume Bottle


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