Sunday Dream Room: Cozy Reading Corner

A Cozy Reading Corner Mood Board

I have always been a huge reader, and the worst moments of my childhood were whenever I ran out of things to read. There weren’t e-books back then, so I was always dependent on someone taking me to the library. And even then, since I grew up on overseas military bases,  there were times that the base library didn’t have any books I hadn’t already read. But when I did have something wonderful and new to read, what I wanted was a secluded reading nook where I could dwell for hours, unobserved and unbothered. I still don’t have such a space IRL, but my dream house now does.

Reading Nook Comfy Chair
Lounge Chair

Chair and Ottoman for Reading Ottoman

Throw Pillow

Cozy blue throw
Cozy Throw

Story BookcaseStory Bookcase

Floor and Table Combo LampFloor Shelf Lamp

Designer Reading GlassesReading Glasses

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