Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea With Cookie Cutters

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea Using Copper Cookie Cutters

I spent yesterday wrapping Christmas presents for my family and friends. I stuck to my own gift wrapping custom, in which my entire house becomes covered in ribbons, twine, wrapping paper, boxes, craft punches, paper cutters, and gift tags for about ten hours. Even though I had a general idea of my theme for this year (yes, I also have annual gift wrapping theme) I always tend to pull out as many papers and ribbons as I can find, just so I have options and inspiration as I work.

Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

For my color palette, I decided on sage, copper, and kraft brown. I built the design around my chosen wrapping accents: copper holiday cookie cutters. I found a set of cookie cutters on Amazon for less than I would usually pay for cheap ornaments. They are very high quality, and I love that they are a gift in themselves that the recipient can use to make Christmas cookies.  Once I had my cookie cutters, I decided to pair them with shimmery sage green wrapping paper, and basic kraft paper I bought on Amazon. I used various natural twines, such as this braided jute rope to tie the cookie cutters to the wrapped boxes.  I simply looped the twine through the top of the cutter, wrapped it around the back, then looped it again through the bottom of the cutter. I then wrapped the string around the gift a few more times until I had the look I wanted, and added tags. I finished it off with a simple bow.

Copper Cookie Cutter Christmas Gift Wrapping

I made the gift tags using a word processing program. I opened a new file and typed the names, one per line. I used a typeface called American Typewriter at 40pt in a copper color, and printed the sheet on a cream cardstock. I then just cut the tags in strips using my paper cutter, punched holes for the twine, and used scissors and pinking shears to trim the other ends.

It took me a while to put away all the extra paper and ribbon, but after I did and spread out my packages, I was quite pleased with results. Should you wish to do something similar, these are the supplies I used:

Cookie Cutters (copper is no longer available, so I updated link to a stainless steel set)
Sage Wrapping Paper
Kraft Paper
Braided Jute Twine
Hemp Cord
Teal Grosgrain Ribbon

Baking Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea

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