My Virginia Spring Planters

Lovely Spring Planters in Concrete Modern Box

We have had absolutely stunning weather in Northern Virginia this week. Warm, sunny, a nice breeze. I worked from home today and it was brutal not being able to go play in my garden, and so the minute I was off the clock I headed out. I arranged my planter boxes last week and snapped a few pictures. They haven’t quite filled out yet, but I wanted to share photos in case you are looking for ideas. It is best to get them done soon so you can enjoy the spring flowers.

Spring planter arrangement ideas with superbells and geraniums

I used the modern concrete planters I bought at Target a couple of years ago and blogged about last fall.  When I checked Target’s website just now, however they were out of stock, but here are some similar ones:

I love geraniums, and they are so easy to grow. I usually fill my planters with just those, but I decided to do a mix this year. So, I added one bright pink and one white geranium.  The creeping jenny from last year was still going strong, so I kept a little of that but gave it a major haircut. A couple of the pansies also survived the freezing winter, so I left them as well. Lastly, I fell in love those superbells blue, or Calibrachoa, when I spied them at the garden center. They look like little petunias and they trail over the sides, making them perfect for planter arrangements. So to sum it up, I used: geraniums, pansies, creeping jenny, and superbells. Spring be sprung.

Spring planter arrangement ideas with superbells, geraniums and creeping jenny

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