Easy Fall Planter Arrangements You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Fall planters on brick steps

We had a wet summer here in Washington D.C. And before that we had a wet spring. While my roses and most of the bed plants loved it, my container plants not so much. To put it succinctly, they drowned. A year ago I found these wonderful modern concrete planters at Target. They were fantastic last year and I was so excited to bring them out again this spring. Alas, the beautiful arrangements I put together then have looked pretty sad for weeks now, to the point of embarrassing. I took a photo to document the situation.

All that was left of my spring arrangements was creeping jenny gone wild

I had kind of thought I would just put the planters on my front steps away for the year and replace them with pumpkins, but my friend Beth stopped by last night and she suggested I just spruce them up by keeping the creeping jenny (it LOVED the rain) and adding some pansies. So I went to Meadows Farms today, thinking I would do just that. But then, as always happens, I saw some amazing fall plants, and decided to do it properly. I filled my wagon with ornamental peppers, kale, cabbage, and pansies.

The kale and cabbages add a pop of color and texture

It took me about 30 minutes to spruce up all four of my planters. All I did was remove a little of the old soil, then insert my new plants. I trimmed the creeping jenny slightly, but I kind of like the wild look, so I left most of it. Then, in each of the containers (the square ones are 10 inches and the rectangle one at the top of the steps is 16×10 inches) I put one of the peppers, a kale or cabbage, and two small pansies.

Heirloom pumpkins help complete the autumn look


The ornamental peppers are perfect for fall, and a fun alternative to flowers

I also found some heirloom pumpkins and gourds at the garden center, and used them to complete the fall arrangement. Hopefully the squirrels will let me keep these for at least a week or two this year.  I love the way they turned out.  Happy fall, y’all.

Ready for fall

Shopping List: I bought my plants at my local garden center (Meadows Farms) but if you have the time, you can also grow from seed!


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