Easy DIY Valentine Card Project: Chocolate Heart Holder

DIY Chocolate Heart Valentine Card

These sweet little cards are so easy to make with just a few materials. They are perfect for the kids’ Valentines, party favors, or friend gifts. You can use any wrapped heart candy for the center. I used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups since I already had some on hand, but you can make them with whatever your favorite is. Hand write a little note, and they will be sure to keep the Valentine card long after the chocolate has been devoured.


Paper Cutter or Scissors
Pink Cardstock
Circle Punch, 2 inch
Hole Punch, 1/8 inch
Thin Ribbon
Wrapped Heart Candy

STEP 1 Cut Paper

Using your paper cutter, cut a strip of paper about 3.5 x 7 inches in size. I used this pink parchment cardstock, so that my card would have a little romantic texture.

Handmade Valentine Card with Chocolate Hearts

STEP 2 Punch Circle

Using your two-inch circle punch, cut out a hole from one end of the card. If you do not already have a punch, do not hesitate to buy one, as it will come in handy over and over.  I’ve had this one for five years and it still punches like new.

Handmade Valentine Card with Chocolate Hearts

STEP 3 Fold in Half

As the step says, fold in half.

Handmade Valentine Card with Chocolate Hearts

STEP 4 Attach Heart

Using double-sided tape, attach the heart so that it is perfectly framed by the circle.

Handmade Valentine Card with Chocolate Hearts

STEP 5 Punch Small Hole

Using a small hole punch, make a hole at the top just below the fold.  You will insert the ribbon through this hole.

Reeses Cup Valentine Card

STEP 6 Tie Ribbon

Pull the ribbon one time through the hole and then tie a bow. Cut the ends so they’re even. So sweet.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Valentine Card


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