DIY Valentine Soap Packaging: Free Printable & Tutorial

Valentine Soap Wrapped in Vintage Newspaper

Not every Valentine’s Day gift has to be candy or flowers. How about giving pretty little bars of soap this year? It is so easy to create beautiful packaging for any bar of soap using my antiqued collage sheet and simple paper heart embellishments.  It is a wonderful idea for bridal shower favors, teacher gifts, or fun little presents for friends. The printable sheet features old Valentine’s Day ads and stories from World War I-era newspapers. You may download it for free at the bottom of this page.

DIY Valentine's Day Soap Packaging, Free Printable


Color Printer (you may also bring the PDF to a copy store near you–I used Fed Ex)
White Presentation Paper, 8.5×14 inches
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Baker’s Twine
Double-sided Tape
Heart Punch, 2 inch
Red Scrap Paper
Bar Soap

DIY Valentine's Day Soap Packaging, Free Printable

STEP 1 Download and Print Your Tags

Download the image using the link at the bottom of this sheet. Save it to your hard drive or a thumb drive. The pdf is a legal size, 8.5×14 inch sheet.

For paper, use a white matte presentation paper or cardstock. You can use regular copy paper if you are in a pinch, but it will look better if you use a slightly thicker paper. If you do not have a printer, you can also have it printed at Fed Ex, Staples or an office store local to you.

Once you are ready, print as many sheets as you need.

STEP 2 Measure & Cut Paper

You may use this sheet with any rectangular or square bar of soap.  The soap can be wrapped or unwrapped, depending on if you want the ends to show.  I love L’Occitane’s shea butter soaps, and so I used those and left them wrapped.  Handmade soap would also be a nice choice for this project.

I prefer to use a paper cutter, as it helps to get the corners perfectly square using the guides. I love my Purple Cows Trimmer. If you don’t have a paper cutter, however, you can also use scissors.

DIY Valentine's Day Soap Packaging, Free Printable

Measure the circumference of the soap then add about an inch.  Cut along the short end of the paper, so that it will be able to be wrapped lengthwise around the bar. Then, measure the exact width of the soap and cut it lengthwise.  You should now have a long strip that can be wrapped one time around the bar.

DIY Valentine's Day Soap Packaging, Free Printable

STEP 3 Wrap the Soap

Make folds in the paper that correspond to the corners, and wrap it tightly around the soap.  Use double-sided tape to hold the paper together at the bottom.

STEP 4 Punch Heart

Using a heart-shaped hole punch, cut a heart out of red scrap paper. I used a 2-inch punch.

2 inch heart punch

STEP 5 Finish Assembly

Tape the heart to the top of the soap, then tie it all together with baker’s twine.

DIY Soap Wrapped in Vintage Newspaper for Valentine's Day


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Valentine Collage Sheet with Aged Vintage Newspaper by Faking it Fabulous

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