Turquoise Wreath I Made With Cheap Stuff from Michaels

A Turquoise Wreath Decorating Idea

I decided to throw traditional red aside for this year’s holiday wreath, and went with blue instead. Turquoise is my favorite color for decorating in general, and I use it throughout my house. Using it on my door is one way of bringing the inside out this year, and this way it stands out a little from the crowd. Since I prefer a wreath with real greenery, I replace it every year. I didn’t want to spend a ton, so I went to Michaels and came away with some treasures, including inexpensive ‘glass’ ornaments, scented pinecones, and ribbon. I then bought a wreath at Whole Foods, and I was ready to start.


Any Simple Wreath
Wide Ribbon
Glue Gun
Thumbtacks (2)

Wreath Tutorial

STEP 1 Ribbon & Bow

Measure the distance from the top of the door to where you want your wreath to hang.  Double that length, then add about a foot and cut the ribbon. Loop the ribbon through the wreath.

Wreath Tutorial

To make a bow, loop the ribbon in a circle three times, then cut off the roll. Then, cut another piece of ribbon off roll, about 10 inches in length, and tie it around the center of your loops. Tie again to attach it to the first ribbon you looped through the wreath. Gently separate and fluff the loops, so you have a full bow. Cut the ends of the bow at an angle.

STEP 2 Glue the Pinecones

Heat up your glue gun. My wreath came with several pinecones already attached, but I wanted a few more. I didn’t find any laying in the parks around my house, so I just bought some scented ones at Michaels. There were extras that I used in a bowl in my living room, and they smell fantastic.

Using the glue gun, put a small amount of glue on the back of each pinecone then place on wreath.

STEP 3 Glue the Ornaments

I bought these great shatterproof ornaments at Michaels. Unfortunately, they are not available through the website, but you can find them at a store in your neighborhood. Any glass or plastic ball will work for this project.

Glass Ornaments from Michaels

Using your glue gun, place a small amount of glue on the loop where you would usually hang the ornament on the tree, then stick into wreath.  You can get creative here.  Use as many ornaments in as many colors as you like.

Glass Ornaments from Michaels

STEP 4 Attach to door.

Loop the ribbon over the top of your door.  Using a hammer, thumbtack (or nail) the ribbon to the top. And now your door is ready to welcome visitors for the season!

Easy Wreath Tutorial


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