Paper Poinsettia Tutorial for Holiday Gift Wrapping

A Paper Poinsettia Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea

This gift wrapping idea has to be the easiest showstopper ever. The paper poinsettia can be created in five minutes with just folding and a stapler. Tape it to the top of your gift for a stunning effect, or use for holiday decorating.

Paper Poinsettia Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea


2 Sheets Red Paper
Yellow Scrap Paper
1 Sheet Green Paper
Paper Cutter
Hole Punch
Double Sided Tape
Boxed or Wrapped Gift

STEP 1 Fold First Paper

The key to creating this flower is crisp folds.  Take your first sheet of red paper, and fold in half.

Folding paper

Fold one end back to the center fold.


Then fold that end up.

Folding paper

Unfold the crease just made, then make your last fold to the center on that half.

Folding paper

Repeat on the other half of the paper.  Each time, fold in both directions and run your fingers along it, to ensure that it is crisp.  When you are done, make sure each fold goes in the opposite direction from the one adjacent, so you have an accordion shape.

Folding paper

STEP 2 Cut and Fold Second Paper

Take your second sheet of red paper, and trim an inch or two off the long and short sides.

Cutting paper

Repeat Step 1 on the smaller paper.  You should now have two accordions.

Folded paper

STEP 3 Cut

Hold the larger red paper so that the open side is to the right.

Folded paper

Using scissors, trim off a curved piece of paper on each end.

Cutting paper


Hold the smaller red sheet so that the folded edge is to the right (the opposite direction as you held the large piece.) Then, cut a curved edge on both ends of that one, too.


You will now have two sheets with the ends curving oppositely from each other.


STEP 4 Fold in Half

Fold each red sheet in half. Be sure to fold back and forth several times and run your fingers along the creases.

Folding paper

STEP 5 Assemble Petals

Place the smaller sheet on top of the larger sheet, aligning the folds. This is the front of the flower.


Turn over to the back, while holding the papers together, and find the center fold. Staple once through the center, as close to the fold as you can.


Spread out the petals on one side, and staple.

Folded paper


Repeat on the second side.

STEP 6 Finish the Flower

Punch out a few circles of yellow paper.

Yellow paper for center

Glue to center of flower.

Paper Poinsettia Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea

Freehand cut a couple of leaves.  Don’t worry about making them perfect.

Cut leaves

STEP 7 Attach to Gift

Using double sided tape, place your leaves on the bottom of the flower.  Then, tape the final creation to the top of your gift.  I used a simple white box, as this flower is all the decoration I thought was needed.

Paper poinsettia

It looks so lovely under my tree.

Paper Poinsettia Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea


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