How to Make Photo Gift Tags with Free Printable Template

How to Make Photograph Gift Tags for the Holidays or Anytime

I adore gift tags with photographs on them. They really make gift wrapping so much more personal and special, and also help to identify gifts. They are especially perfect if you plan to have the youngest family members hand out gifts at the holidays, as no reading is necessary. The only potential problem is actually making the tags. If you have ever tried to make photo gift tags using a program like Word, then you have likely run into issues. It is hard to align the photos and text and often the process, while doable, takes longer than it should. I therefore created an easy-to-use template for adding photos and text to a minimalist tag. The editable and printable gift tags may be downloaded free using the form at the bottom of this post.


Scissors or Paper Cutter
Hole Punch
Twine or Ribbon

STEP 1 Download and Print Your Tags

Download the 8.5 x 11 inch PDF at the bottom of this page and save it to your hard drive. Then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Even though the PDF will open in your web browser and other applications, it is important that you use Adobe Reader on a computer to edit it, or it will not work properly. It is a free download from Adobe if you do not already have it.

Once the file is open, click in each image field to replace the placeholder with your logo or image. Then, if you wish to add text, click in the blue highlighted text fields and type your information. Then save.

For paper, use a bright white cardstock. If you do not have a printer, you can also just have them printed at an office store local to you. Once you are ready, print as many sheets as you need.

STEP 2 Cut Out Your Tags

Use your paper cutter to cut out the gift tags along the crop lines. You may use scissors if you don’t have a paper cutter, but it is easier to get them straight with the cutter. Punch a hole for the string or ribbon.

STEP 3 Attach Tags

Use these tags with any product and your choice of wrapping and twine. They will upgrade your gift wrapping instantly, and add a special, personal touch to your gifts.

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Please use a computer, not a mobile device, to download your printables.

Note: Tags are for Personal Use Only, and the PDF may not be sold, distributed, or posted on other websites. If you wish to share this project, please link to this page. Happy crafting!

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