Cute Party Favor Candy Containers

Party Favor Containers and Packing Ideas for Candy

One of the most popular and inexpensive party favors is candy. Almost everyone enjoys it, and if they don’t, there is usually someone around who will gladly take it off their hands. Candy is also not expensive and looks adorable on the favor table if it is presented with fun and creative packaging. There are so many cute candy containers that will wow your guests and also not break the bank. Many can be purchased for less than a dollar and then filled with small candy such as M&M’s or chocolate-covered nuts. I did a little research and picked my favorite shopping ideas. These can be used for any occasion from weddings to baby showers to birthdays.

At the top of the list are these playful candy-shaped candy boxes. They are perfect for presenting small treats to your party guests, and look fabulous on the favor table. See price on Etsy.

The seller personalizes these adorable mini cake stand candy holders for your event. I think they would look great placed on or near the cake table. See price on Etsy.

These champagne bottle shaped candy containers would be perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding. See price on Etsy.

If you need a housewarming party favor, these paint can shaped candy boxes would be a great fit, especially if you just completed a home renovation. See price on Etsy.

These candy boxes are simple but elegant, and would be great for a bridal shower take home. See price on Amazon.

If the guest of honor is a travel-lover, look no further than these globe candy holders for your favors. They will steal the hearts of all your guests. See price on Amazon.

These purse candy boxes would work fabulously at a pre-teen’s birthday party. See price on Etsy.

The robin’s egg blue of these candy boxes caught my eye, and they would be so adorable resting at each place setting for your wedding. See price on Etsy.

The Moroccan tagines will make an eye-catching display at your party, and are perfect for holding candy. See price on Etsy.

These vintage suitcase candy boxes are another great place to store treats at parties honoring a travel lover. See price on Etsy.

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