Free Printable Crossing Guard or Bus Driver Gift Tags

Crossing Guard or Bus Driver Free Printable Gift Tags

This is my first time designing a printable for thanking bus drivers and crossing guards for the work they do keep our kids safe. I regret that it took me this long, since I can actually remember some of those people better than my teachers. The person who stands out the most in my memory was from the period when my family moved from Maryland to England when I was 10 years old. Our house was in a little town several miles from the air force base where my father worked. The military contracted for bus services to get us to school, and as luck would have it, ours picked us up right outside our house ever day. Our buses were standard coaches, and traffic did not stop as they do for American school buses. At the end of the first day, the bus dropped us off across the busy street from our house. As our bus pulled away, we saw an English crossing guard, known there as a “lollipop man” finishing up assisting uniformed English children heading the opposite direction to cross. He studied us Americans, clad in jeans and sneakers, for a long minute, obviously trying to figure out who we were and where we had come from. But then he shrugged and headed into the street with his sign, stopping traffic so we could cross, too. Kids were kids and he made sure we were safe, even if we weren’t the ones he was employed to help. From that day on it became a ritual. The bus pulled up, and the Lollipop Man stopped traffic to see us safely across.

So these tags are in honor of the Lollipop Man I knew in Woodbridge, England, and for all the other bus drivers and crossing guards who helped me get my education. They read “thank you you for being so cool and making sure we get safely to school.” The gift tags may be downloaded free using the form at the bottom of this post.


2.5 Inch Paper Punch
White Cardstock
Twine or Ribbon

STEP 1 Download and Print Your Tags

Download the PDF using the link at the bottom of this page. Save it to your hard drive or a thumb drive. The PDF is a letter size, 8.5×11 inch sheet, with nine tags on a page.

For paper, use a bright white cardstock. If you do not have a printer, you can also just have them printed at an office store local to you. Once you are ready, open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then print as many sheets as you need.

STEP 2 Cut Out Your Tags

I used a 2.5 inch punch to cut out the tags. First, trim the white border to allow you to insert the sheet and center the square. Flip your punch over, so that you can see the design inside the frame. Then just press down.

STEP 3 Attach Tags

Tie the tags to your gift with a baker’s twine or thin ribbon.

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