Fall Gift Wrapping With Metallic Natural Foliage

Creative Fall Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is probably my favorite way to channel my creative energy. I started thinking about fall projects over the weekend. While the main gift giving event is in December, you might have occasions to wrap a present this autumn as well. This idea can be used for fall birthdays or weddings, Thanksgiving host gifts, and it also would work for winter holidays. I incorporated leaves and branches from my garden. I mostly used wild grape vine, a few sticks that fell on the ground during our storms last week, shrub leaves, and even threw in a few tall grass weeds I found on my morning walk. I then simply spray painted them in gold and silver them to achieve a metallic look. I let a little of the green remain, as I thought it made it more look more reflective of the changing seasons, but you can give it a fuller coverage if you prefer. After everything was dry, I tied the arrangements to kraft paper boxes with twine. Days later, my gifts have held up well, probably because I only used plants with low moisture content. I really like the final effect, and cannot wait to try this out again in a couple months when the weather gets a little cooler.

Supplies I Used

Kraft Paper
Braided Jute Twine
Baker’s Twine
Kraft Tags (similar)
Metallic Spray Paint (scroll to bottom to see image of the exact colors I used)
Leaves, branches, vines

Use metallic gold spray paint and kraft paper to create beautiful packages
Kraft paper box embellished with gold spray painted branches and leaves
I used these RUST-OLEUM spray paints

2 thoughts on “Fall Gift Wrapping With Metallic Natural Foliage

  1. Very pretty! I love getting creative with gift wrapping. I usually have the kids make salt ornaments to attach to gifts. I love that this idea is simple enough the kids can do it too!

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