Back to School Supplies to Help Students Get Organized

School Supplies to Help You Get Organized

Back to school time is upon us. It is looking quite a bit different this year, and many students will not be attending in person for some time to come. That doesn’t mean we must eschew all traditions, however, and everyone still needs a few supplies to get them through the school year. For me, back to school shopping was always the best part about August. I loved picking out a new pencil box and seeing the fresh pack of construction paper waiting for me to bring it to the classroom.

Since there are so many back to school supply lists out there, I chose to focus mine on organization. These are a few of my favorite things that will help students get organized. Have fun.

1 Notebooks

Color coded notebooks for back to school

These colorful Pantone notebooks look fabulous sitting on a desk, and their design also makes them perfectly conducive for organization. Students may use one per subject, plus still have a few left over for journaling. Check price on Amazon.

2 Pencil Case

Minimalist personalized pencil case

I am loving these minimalist, personalized pencil cases that I found offered by the Cotton and Canvas Company on Etsy. They come in twenty colors. Check price on Etsy.

3 Three-Hole Punch

Three ring binder compact hole punch

I never saw anything like this back when I was in school. All we had at home was a single punch, which I would then have to line up carefully with the rings so the holes would be in the right spot. This compact design can be easily transported, making it simple for students to punch holes and immediately put handouts into their binders. No more stuffing papers loose into backpacks. Check price on Amazon.

4 Binders

Basic white binder

I am recommending basic white binders, which your students can then personalize using the plastic insert for the cover and spine. They can either create their own labels (make it a craft project on a rainy day) or you can buy an inexpensive printable on Etsy. Scroll to number 5 below for my suggestion and link. Check price on Amazon.

5 Binder Cover Printables

Binder cover and spine printables

There are lots of binder cover and spine printables on Etsy, but I really like this geometric design. Since they are editable, your students can type the name of the subject for each binder before printing, and then use them again and again. Check price on Etsy.

6 Paperclips

Turquoise Paper Clips

I love a pretty paper clip. These turquoise circle shaped clips will enliven any bundle of papers and make organization fun. Check price on Amazon.

7 Stapler

Kate Spade Gold Stapler

This gold dot stapler by Kate Spade will look adorable on any desk. Check price on Amazon.

8 Folders

Floral Folders

Rifle Paper Co. always puts out the prettiest designs. These folders can be used to keep papers sorted in file drawers. They come with coordinating labels. Check price on Amazon.

9 Student Stickers

Student organization stickers

These colorful organization stickers will help students keep track of what they need to do to prepare for tests and assignments throughout the semester. Check price on Etsy.

10 Planner

Geometric academic planner

No organization supply list would be complete without a planner. This one goes through the 2020-2021 academic year. I like the pastel geometric design. Check price on Amazon.

11 Organizer


I bought this organizer several years ago to hold hair accessories. It has held up well. I am including it on this list because it would also work great on a desk, and can be used to wrangle paper clips, pencils, stickers, and Post-it notes. Check price on Amazon.

12 Highlighters

dual tipped highlighters

These dual tip highlighters can help the student keep track of what’s important. Use them for highlighting important information in their notes and also for color-coding planners. Check price on Amazon.

13 Desk Trays

Modern desk organization trays

Design Within Reach has a modular system of trays that can bring law and order to a work-at-home desk for your virtual learners. Once school is back in full swing, it can continue to serve for homework and studying. You can buy one tray or the whole set. Check price on Design Within Reach.

14 Paper Organizer

Colored Paper Organizer for Desk

If you have a younger student or any age artist, check out this paper organizer. It allows for easy stocking of various types of paper and cardstock, so they can always find what they need. Check price on Container Store.

15 Backpack


One of the most exciting parts of back to school is selecting a new backpack. For those of you heading back to in-person school, take a look at this Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack. I have it on good authority that this is one of the desirable brands this year. I like the front pocket for holding pens and other odds and ends. Check price on Amazon.

16 Marker Organizer

Best marker case for organizing

Markers and pens tend to end up everywhere, and you don’t want young artists to be unable to find the color they need. I am therefore loving this accordion maker case from the Container Store. It even has a lid for easy transport. Check price on Container Store.

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