Festive Balloons Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea

Balloon Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea

My niece had a birthday last week. She lives far away (not that I could have seen her regardless) and so her mom arranged a surprise virtual Zoom party for family and friends to wish her a happy birthday. It was a bright spot in what has been a hard time for everyone—even us lucky ones who have remained healthy. I was touched after the party to see photos of friends dropping off gifts and leaving them at the curb of her house, and even more thankful when I heard that that sweet girl decided it was the “best birthday ever.” If you are doing the same or mailing gifts to someone having a birthday, here is an extra festive gift wrapping idea that you can use. I have a balloon paper punch, but you can achieve a similar effect with a circle punch or even just use scissors.  I hope you enjoy it.


Balloon Paper Punch
Colorful Scrap Paper
Twine or Ribbon
Foam Adhesive Dots
Sharpie or Any Marker
Gift Wrapped in Kraft Paper or Solid Wrapping Paper

Balloon Paper Gift Wrapping Idea

STEP 1 Punch Balloons

Use your paper punch to cut out the balloons from scrap paper. I used 6, but if you have a larger or smaller gift box, you can adjust.

Colorful Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea with Kraft Paper

STEP 2 Tape Balloons

Use adhesive foam dots to attach the balloon cut outs to your wrapped gift. This will give it a three dimensional look

STEP 3 Draw Strings & Attach Bow

I used a sharpie to draw the strings for my balloon bouquet. I then took a small piece of twine and tied a bow, then attached it to package near the bottom of the strings.

Creative and Easy Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea


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