Cute Dachshund Free Printable Valentine Card

Free Printable DIY Dachshund Holding a Balloon Valentine Day Card

When I was little, we had a miniature Dachshund named Strudel, and I have loved them ever since. Strudel was small but mighty. She liked sitting in laps, was obsessed with tennis balls, and could scale walls in order to obtain any food she scented out. These printable Valentine cards with a cute little brown Dachshund holding a heart balloon are perfect for kids, friends, or the dog lover in your life. The Dachshund card PDF may be downloaded free at the bottom of this post.


Scissors or Paper Cutter
White Cardstock
Scoring Tool

Free Printable Dachshund Valentine Card

STEP 1 Download and Print

Download the PDF using the email form at the bottom of this page and save it. The PDF is a letter size, 8.5×11 inch sheet, with crop marks for one 5 x 7 inch card.

For paper, use a bright white cardstock. If you do not have a printer, you can also just have them printed at an office store local to you.

Once you are ready, open the file in Adobe Reader and print as many sheets as you need.

STEP 2 Cut Out Your Cards

I used a paper cutter to cut out my card, but you can also use scissors or an X-ACTO knife and straight edge. There are crop marks showing you where to cut.

Free Printable DIY Dachshund Valentine Card

STEP 3 Score and Fold

Use a scoring tool and ruler to create an indention for folding across the center of the card.  To do this, just place the ruler five inches above the bottom edge, then draw your scorer along the ruler several times.

Free Printable DIY Dachshund Valentine Card

This will allow you to fold the cardstock cleanly, without any cracking. Write a message inside the card, and it is ready for your Valentine!

Free Printable Download Dachshund Dog Valentine

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2 thoughts on “Cute Dachshund Free Printable Valentine Card

  1. Thank you for your DARLING ‘doxy’ valentines card/note!
    Copied off 2 of them, one for my mother who still misses hers and to her bestest friend who has 2.
    These are stinkin’ cute….
    A perfect way to spread some dog-gone cheer! Thx again!

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