Nutcracker Ballet Holiday Gift Wrapping

Nutcracker Gift Wrapping Paper

The first live performance that I remember seeing was the Nutcracker ballet. My mother took my sister and me when we were little. I remember music, beautiful children dancing across the stage, and feeling so grown up and special to be out. Afterward, my mother bought the last Clara ornament at the gift shop, and every year after she adorned our Christmas tree.

I know I am not alone in having special memories of the Nutcracker. If you are wanting inspiration for your gift wrapping this year, look no further than this treasured tradition.

Nutcracker Ballet Gift Wrapping Guide

1. A Clara Ornament can be tied to a wrapped box for an extra gift in itself.

2. Use personalized stickers in lieu of handwritten gift tags to save time.

3. Christmas crackers can double as decorative gift toppers.

4. Pair bright papers with simple ribbons for an elegant look.

5. Make a statement with this exquisite Nutcracker wrapping paper.

6. After the gifts are unwrapped, write thank you notes with these Nutcracker cards.

7. Trim your tree with these Nutcracker die cuts, or use them as gift tags.

8. Use decorative washi tape to attach tags or seal gift bags closed.

9. Stickers make perfect envelope seals for your Christmas cards.







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