Gift Wrapping with Washi Tape

Gift Wrapping Idea Using Blue Washi Tape

I had to quickly wrap a gift today, and I decided to dump the ribbon and use washi tape instead. I just love that you can get this stuff in any color or pattern imaginable, and that it is so affordable. This project was super easy and fun, and you can use different colors to match the season or occasion.


Wrapped Box
Washi Tape

I purchased a set of blue and green tape on Amazon a few weeks ago, and selected four rolls from that. First, I wrapped a long piece of tape around the box. I then rotated it 90 degrees, and laid my second piece. Alternating the direction gives the finished design a plaid appearance.

Use washi tape instead of ribbon for gift wrap

I used four pieces total, but you may use as many as you like. I cannot wait to give her this!

Plaid gift wrapping with washi tape

Blue and green washi tape gift wrapping

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