Sweet Valentine Party Favors

Valentine Candy Cup Favors

I thought I had finished Valentine blog posts for the year, but this weekend I went to a little party at my friend Beth’s house. She sent us home with favors that I thought were too pretty not to share. Her mother-in-law put together these little cups of candy with Valentine wrapping. They happen to go beautifully with my free printable ‘You are Sweet’ gift tags that I posted a couple weeks ago, so before I tore into the candy this afternoon, I added the tag and snapped a photo.

Since I didn’t make these, I don’t know the sources of the materials, but these will give you a similar look if you want to whip some up before Valentine’s Day!

Snack Cups  |  Treat Bags  |  Ribbon  |  Heart Toppers  |  Chocolate Candy

Thanks for the treat, Jean & Beth!

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