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The holiday season is approaching oh-too-quickly, and I am already thinking about what what to get for the friends and family on my list. It seems like everyone already has everything these days, and it gets harder every year. But in writing down their names,  I realized that so many have a creative side, and a gift celebrating their place in making the world a little more beautiful might just be perfect. Here is the gift list I came up with. Please share any other ideas you have.

1 Craft Book

Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects from The House That Lars Built by Brittany Watson Jepsen has a literal rainbow of ideas for anyone who loves paper crafts and creative recycling.

2 Pantone Postcard Box

What do crafters of all mediums have in common? We love color. Give your crafter this inspirational box of Pantone postcards to keep and share.

3 Sharpie Markers

Remember when you were a kid, and you carefully rationed your favorite markers, so they didn’t run out of ink so quickly? Well, for crafters, that feeling never leaves. Make their day with this “ultimate collection” of Sharpies in every weight and color they could ever need.

4 Cricut Maker

Every crafter’s dream machine, the Cricut Maker has unending possibilities for sewing, paper crafts, decals, and so much more.

5 Storage Cart

Places to put all the stuff that comes with crafting is a constant challenge. I love this craft organizer that even includes a space for rolls of wrapping paper and dowels for ribbon. Plus it’s solid wood and isn’t going to fall apart like so many other organizing solutions.

6 Craft Kit

Prezzy Box offers a variety of kits to launch crafters of all ages on new projects. I especially love the super-cute Make Your Own Sausage Dog Crochet Kit.

7 Letter Board

Move over chalk boards. Retro letter boards the perfect way to display inspirational quotes in a crafting space, and they can be converted into party signage in just a couple of minutes. And if your crafter likes to share his or her creations on Instagram, this is a lovely sign to dress up the photos.

8 Washi Tape

No matter what their hobby is, all crafters can find a use for washi tape. I use it for gift wrapping, tags, and decorations. This 27-roll black and white set will keep them stocked for months.

9 X-ACTO Knife

The X-ACTO is hands down the best knife for precise cutting. Get them this set of three knives with a wooden chest. Go ahead and pick up a set of steel rulers, too, to fill up their stocking with coordinating gifts.

10 Wood Crate

Not just for college students, wood crates are fantastic for storing all sorts of craft supplies. And for people who live in small spaces, crates are an easy way to move supplies from the closet to the kitchen table and back again. Crates come in a variety of finishes—check out this set of barn wood crates for a rustic look. Fill it up with their favorite supplies, and you’ll have an instant and memorable packaged present.

11 Craft Apron

Use Zazzle’s website to customize an apron with your own pictures and text to create a unique, personalized design that they are sure to love. They’ll think of you every time they work on their creations.

Happy gifting.

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